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Murder Mystery Fundraiser
"The Immortal's Ball"

Urbandale Community Theatre presents
"The Immortal's Ball" - a Murder Mystery Fundraiser

Saturday, October 21st at 6:00pm
Hyperion Field Club (Johnston, IA)

Time to dust off your detective skills, Urbandale Community Theatre’s night of supernatural mystery is here! Introducing “The Immortal’s Ball”, a night of high spirits but even higher stakes. 


What is the mystery we will be solving, you ask? 


As immortals, the Mortal Watchers are very important to keeping our livelihood a secret to the fellow mortals of the world. If discovered by the mortals, there would be widespread panic and “Witch Hunts” - threatening our further existence. 


Recently, several of our protectors, Mortal Watchers, have been murdered; causing hysteria amongst our world. The burning question is: WHO is the murderer terrorizing our immortal existence?


As a cast full of Queens, Rulers and Pranksters, who will unfold the mystery and reveal the culprit? 

PS - Curious about the characters? Click here.


There are three levels of involvement you may choose when signing up for the event:

  1. Full Involvement: You will receive a character description before the event, we encourage you to wear a costume in relation to your character! You will be a main part of the story and mystery. **There are NO lines/script that needs to be memorized.

  2. Partial Involvement: You will be a part of the mystery, but need not to be fully involved as a main character. We will give you a character description beforehand and also encourage you to dress up!  **There are NO lines/script that needs to be memorized.

  3. Spectator: This level is perfect for anyone who would like to attend the event, but doesn’t want to participate in the mystery. You will be able to watch the night unfold before your eyes! 


There WILL be prizes awarded for three categories: 

  1. Person/Group that solves the murder.

  2. Best Costume.

  3. Best Character Roleplay. (How well they stayed in character.)


Last, but not least, UCT will also be holding a silent auction during this murder mystery event. We will have baskets and items that you will not want to pass up on!


Register via the link below, please reach out with any questions you may have. 


“The Immortal’s Ball” will leave you dying for more. 

Murder Mystery Event.png
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