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"The Immortal's Ball" 

Character Descriptions

The Were Clan

Bastet: Bastet has ruled the Were Clans for ages. She was once a good and kind ruler, but lately, she has been making cruel demands and bad decisions affecting the Were Clans adversely. In Egypt, she was worshiped as a goddess.

Anubis: Anubis has loyally served the Royal Family as Guardian and Protector.

Isis: Isis is the mother of Anubis. We have heard that she is not too happy with Bastet and her strange and demanding behavior. Is Bastet going mad?

Seth:  Seth started a war almost 2,000 years ago in an attempt to take over as Were Ruler. As a result, he was interred for 1,000 years and has been a cherished slave to Bastet since his release. Bastet now treats him like a pet.

The Vampyr House

Prince Allendro: Prince Allendro is the current ruler, and they say he is now looking for a mate. Once a Vampyr reaches a certain age, they face madness if they are not mated.

Cynthia: Cynthia is the mortal Scion of Prince Allendro. Through her, his powers are more substantial. She has sworn her loyalty to him and his family. 

Natasha: Natasha has ambitions of becoming the Prince’s mate. Does anyone doubt she will try to use the Prince’s pressing need for a mate to attain her goal?

Gregori: Gregori grew up as Prince Allendro’s best friend. That friendship ended when the Prince took Cynthia as his Scion. Gregori had asked Cynthia to be his mate, but a Scion is not allowed a mate. Her master must always come first.

The Mortal Watchers

Ellora: Ellora is kind and wise beyond her years. She oversees the task of transcribing the Watcher’s ancient records onto computers for preservation.

Professor Jackson: Professor Jackson is the full-of-himself Professor who studies the Immortals.

Kieran: Kieran is a sweet girl who loves books and history. Rumor has it that she has some magical abilities, and her father may have been one of the Mage Clan.

Jason: Jason is a rebel watcher who believes in living life to the fullest. His twin sister Jennifer was one of the victims in the recent rash of watcher murders.

Christy: Christy is the newest Watcher brought in by Merlin, who is the recruiter for new mortal watchers. Christy is quite the beauty but doesn’t seem terribly bright. People are saying it’s self-evident what Merlin saw in her.

Fae Court

Queen Tatiana: Queen Tatiana is a beautiful, sweet, loyal, and loving Wind Fairy. She is strong, nurturing, protective, and loves her family above all else.

King Oberon: King Oberon is an Earth Fairy and lives to love his wife, the Queen. He is a powerful and capable ruler.


Nineve: Nineve is THE Lake Fairy. You might know her from the Arthurian Legend as the Lady of the Lake. She and the Mage, Merlin, have a love/hate relationship that has endured for ages.

Puck: Puck is a Fire Fairy and a prankster. It’s prudent to watch your back around him. He is jovial, and at first glance, you would think him harmless; but in the way of the Fae, some of his pranks can be embarrassing or worse.


Mage Guild

Merlin: Merlin is married to Morganna, who birthed him with two sons. He spent many years as the unwilling 'Guest' of Nineve. His son, Lancelot, eventually rescued him. Merlin is known to be a little shallow and self-centered. Okay, maybe more than a little.

Morgana: Morganna is Merlin's wife. During Merlin's disappearance, she spent her time ruling with a fair hand while helping to change the world with her good works.

Guinevere: Guinevere is the mage healer. She was betrothed to Lancelot, but upon his death, by custom, she had to marry his brother, Arthur. Poor Guinevere, this is where history really got things wrong. Arthur is a bumbling accident on legs.


Arthur:  Arthur is the last surviving son of Merlin and Morganna. He is delighted to have acquired Guinevere as his wife. He displays her like the trophy she is.


The Inquisitor: The Inquisitor will be here to investigate the recent Watcher Murders. These spectral beings make even an Immortal with nothing to hide very nervous. Immortals who are murdered become spectral beings, wandering the underworld until their killer dies. We can only speculate what they put that soul through before the Inquisitor is released to pass on.

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